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Jarama preliminary report

Jarama preliminary report

27. September 2023Jarama - The teams in the European championship have hardly any space to breathe after the round in Le Mans. From Circuit Bugatti they’re all on their way directly to Circuito del Jarama in Madrid, a journey of almost 1,100 km, for the season finale this weekend.
Norbert Kiss may already have been crowned champion, but Jochen Hahn has very good chances of defending his second place in the standings, and the fight for third between Sascha Lenz and Antonio Albacete will go down to the wire.
It’s a very close race, too, for P5, an all-Iveco affair between Steffi Halm and André Kursim.
What’s already certain is the weather – all the forecasts say clear skies and temperatures above 30°C.