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Kiss and Lacko win on Saturday at the Hungaroring

Kiss and Lacko win on Saturday at the Hungaroring

12. June 2022Hungaroring - Norbert Kiss and Adam Lacko won Saturday’s races here at the Hungaroring.
Race 1 had Kiss leading all the way from the first corner to the flag. Sascha Lenz and Jochen Hahn finished P2 and P3, ahead of Adam Lacko, Antonio Albacete, Steffi Halm, Shane Brereton, André Kursim, and Jamie Anderson.
The first few corners of Race 2 were marked by a series of crashes from armco to armco that led to an immediate stoppage of the race with some trucks damaged so severely as we haven’t seen in many seasons.
The momentum of the leading pack carried them wide in the sweep of Turn 1. The mayhem began when they crowded back onto the track. First Kiss’s truck was crushed between Antonio’s MAN and Jochen Hahn’s Iveco. In the next corner Brereton and Lacko collided, and in the following corner Lacko, Anderson, Téo Calvet, and Kiss.
The furious home hero did manage to wrestle his horrifically mangled MAN all the way back to pit lane, as did Anderson, Albacete, and Hahn their machines, but that was as far as they could go.
The restarted race was won by Lacko ahead of Kursim and Lenz. They were followed into the sunset by Halm, Steffen Faas, Martin Gibson, Clemens Hecker, and Brereton.