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Saturday in Misano Part 3 - Jochen Hahn wins Race 2

Saturday in Misano Part 3 - Jochen Hahn wins Race 2

17. October 2021Misano - Polesitter Téo Calvet in the Buggyra got off to a good start but René Reinert in his Iveco made an even better getaway and the two went side-by-side through several corners before the young Frenchman eased ahead.
Behind them it was mayhem, and not a truck emerged out of the first couple of laps without scratches and dents.
Jochen Hahn (Iveco) moved up into P3 on the first lap itself, with Adam Lacko (Buggyra) close on his heels. On the third lap Hahn proceeded to pass Reinert, but Lacko still had to bide his time. The opportunity eventually presented itself at the start of Lap 6, and the Czech barged ahead of the German without so much as a thank you. In the process, however, both lost so much momentum as to allow an unhesitating Norbert Kiss (MAN) to leapfrog both into P3.
Reinert fell further back as a consequence of the attack and, after a few more hammerings, had to retire before the end of the race.
At almost the same time Hahn snatched the leadership from Calvet and went on to take a comfortable victory. The Frenchman was now left to the mercies of the newly crowned thrice-champ and braved what were likely the longest six laps of his career to date. But in a demonstration of things to come, Calvet proved to be an immovable object to the irresistible force that Kiss is, keeping the champion’s MAN fully behind him all the way to the flag.
Sascha Lenz (MAN) finished fourth, ahead of Lacko, Anderson, Albacete, Brereton, Janiec, and Faas.
Calvet’s P2 finish automatically gave him victory in the Goodyear Cup race, ahead of Anderson and Brereton, and Buggyra the win in the team classification, above „Die Bullen von Iveco“ and Team Titan.