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Saturday in Jarama Part 3 - Kursim wins his third reversed-grid race

Saturday in Jarama Part 3 - Kursim wins his third reversed-grid race

02. October 2021Jarama - At 18:30, when the day’s second race began, the numerous fans picnicking around the circuit still had no idea what truck racing titbit awaited them as compensation for their long patience.
Steffi Halm pulled away from René Reinert on the start sprint, while André Kursim made his move on Reinert a few corners down the road. A MAN trio of Antonio Albacete, Norbert Kiss, and Sascha Lenz closing in rapidly on
Halm and Kursim. There was no more overtaking till Lap 6, when Kursim squeezed into a small gap Halm left open and passed her to take the lead.
While Kursim proceeded to make rapid headway, Halm came under considerable pressure from Albacete. But try as he might, there was no way Steffi would let the home hero by, and she stoutly defended her P2 all the way to the flag.
Kiss, having chased Albacete for all 12 laps, almost drew level on the sprint to the flag, losing out on P3 by less than two tenths.
Adam Lacko, who had slipped several positions on the opening lap, spectacularly fought his way back up and even managed to overtake Lenz on his way to P5.
José Rodrigues, Téo Calvet, Jamie Anderson, and Shane Brereton were the remaining scorers. Rodrigues took the Goodyear Cup win ahead of Calvet and Anderson.
Team Titan triumphed for the second time today, beating Buggyra and „Die Bullen von Iveco“.