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Sunday in Most Part 3 - Sascha Lenz wins final race

Sunday in Most Part 3 - Sascha Lenz wins final race

29. August 2021Most - The last race of the weekend got started on a fully dry track under a weak early evening sun. Antonio Albacete beat fellow MAN driver Shane Brereton in the first chicane to take the lead. Sascha Lenz gained a number of places by Turn 1 and lined up behind the leaders in P3, directly ahead of Téo Calvet and Adam Lacko in the Buggyras. Calvet offered his teammate and Norbert Kiss, who’d stormed up from P8, no resistance. Up front a gripping three-way turf war unfolded, with a visibly quicker Lenz being held off impeccably by the two MANs ahead of him... till Lap 5, when Brereton, and the next lap, when Albacete, were both overpowered in the first chicane. Over the next five laps the German pulled out a lead of a little over seven seconds over Spaniard Albacete, who in turn was able to increase his advantage over Brereton somewhat.
Lacko and Kiss put on an entertaining fight for best of the rest, but Norbi could find no way to pass the Buggyra-Freightliner.
Calvet in P6 led Janiec, Lukas Hahn, Anderson, and Kursim across the line.
Steffi Halm and Jochen Hahn were both forced out of the race by mechanical failure.
Brereton beat Calvet and Lukas Hahn in the Goodyear Cup race.