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Sunday in Most Part 2 - Norbert Kiss wins Race 3 in Turn 2

Sunday in Most Part 2 - Norbert Kiss wins Race 3 in Turn 2

29. August 2021Most - The fair weather carried into the noon break here at Autodrom Most in the west of the Czech Republic. The skies over the circuit clouded over in parts at the start of Race 3, but the forecast rain was nowhere in sight.
Polesitter Jochen Hahn and Norbert Kiss were toe-to-toe into Turn 1, Kiss forcing his way into the lead at the left-hander on the exit of the chicane.
Hahn’s loss of momentum in the exchange allowed an opportunist Lacko to barrel past in pursuit of the MAN in red. Sascha Lenz had, meanwhile, dropped behind Lacko’s teammate Téo Calvet.
Battles raged down in midfield as well. The tankpool24 Scania of Steffen Faas was battered by a number of contacts, and René Reinert had to retire his mortally wounded Iveco a couple hundred metres down the road.
At the front it was Kiss all the way to the flag. Next up came two sparring duos led by the Buggyra pilots Lacko and Calvet. The former had Hahn hanging on his every move; for five long laps, the latter tried to defend his position till the German championship contender smartly sidestepped the French youngster in the first chicane to move up into P4.
On the very next lap the green-and-black MAN was already on the tail of Hahn’s Iveco, the champ himself following Lacko like a shadow. One of Hahn’s attacks on the Czech left the door open for Lenz to get up alongside and, a hefty shove later, the MAN was presently past.
Lenz now found himself sandwiched between Lacko and Hahn. None of the three made any further errors, forced or otherwise, so they crossed the line just centimetres apart.
Calvet came home in P5 – ahead of Janiec, Brereton, Albacete, Halm, and Lukas Hahn, – winning him a third Goodyear Cup race-within-the-race this weekend.