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From Lion to Panther

From Lion to Panther

16. October 2019Young French truck racer Téo Calvet switches next season from Lion Truck Racing (the team with the evocative yellow-and-black lion’s head as its logo) to Buggyra Racing 1969, whose emblem is a panther.
Téo is the son of former truck racer Fabien Calvet, president of the Truck Racing Organisation TRO and of the truck racing commission of the Fédération Française du Sport Automobile (FFSA). The 18-year-old has grown up surrounded by cars and trucks (particularly race trucks), and learnt to drive many of them on the premises of his dad’s transport enterprise in his early years.
Two years ago he became the youngest winner ever of a championship truck race on his first competition weekend in the (then) Coupe de France Camions. Since then he’s added a number of victories, the most recent of which came at the finale of the Championnat de France Camions in Albi last weekend.
Those successes haven’t gone unnoticed. At tests with Buggyra Racing a few weeks ago Téo made such a convincing impression on the Czechs that they had no hesitation snapping him up for 2020.