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Fabulous weather at the tests in Most

Fabulous weather at the tests in Most

16. April 2019Most - On their arrival in Most, Steffi Halm and her 12 male colleagues certainly won’t have expected the splendid spring weather they encountered here on the first two days of tests at the storied Autodrom in the Czech Republic. The teams pulled in on Saturday evening and proceeded to unpack their equipment and set up their tents.
On Sunday it rained continuously, but Monday was pure sunshine. It gets real cold here in the evenings and nights, just a couple of degrees above freezing, but once the sun’s out it can get up to 16°C in the shade – very pleasant indeed. You still have to be watchful against sunburn, though.
The – let’s call it fantastic – weather did wonders for the overall atmosphere, even if everything didn’t quite run to plan for everybody. On the other hand, the very purpose of these tests is to identify – and iron out – the smallest incongruities in the incredibly complex overall package that a race truck is.
On Tuesday it appeared that promotional photography and video shoots had the priority. Nevertheless, the trucks had already laid down numerous laps, generating mountains of data, which which now have to be analysed in the evening and actionable insights derived before they return to the track in full earnest tomorrow.
The final conclusions will only come after it’s all over.