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Et jeht widder los

Et jeht widder los

31. January 2019That’s what we say in Cologne at the start of Karneval, the “fifth season” of Lent. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Kölsch dialect – here we go again!
For everyone involved with the FIA European Truck Racing Championship in any way it’s time to knuckle down, never mind that there’s still four months to go till the season-opener in Misano.
For many teams, post-season and pre-season are one and the same, and there’s no real break from the activity. At best a few days of R&R, but getting away for any length of time is something almost nobody manages to do nowadays. Truck racing has become a full-time job.
The teams have to stay in constant contact with the FIA technical delegate as they make modifications and improvements to their trucks, or in case any of them undertakes to build a completely new machine. The off-season is also fairly filled out with PR commitments and continuous dialogue with sponsors and suppliers.
At the centre of it all remains the preparation of the race truck or the construction of an all-new one – a considerable effort in itself. Well-established teams hire new drivers and some seasoned racers eye a switch to a new marque.
Potential new entrants have declared their interest in the championship, and a couple more truckmakers are likely also evaluating an engagement in European truck racing. As soon as any of the rumours turns fact, you’ll be sure to hear about it right here.