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Friday in Assen

Friday in Assen

08. May 2009Assen - For most of the truck racers it was the first reunion this year. However, nobody was dwelling on the past for long, because there was a really hot topic. The front axle must be fitted with new tyres, and those race tyres are only supplied by Goodyear. Last year several pilots were having problems with the endurance of their front tyres, and that’s why during the winter break Goodyear developed a new tyre – a 2009 edition. These tyres are supposed to be more durable, but on the other hand a bit slower. Now there are several teams who still have quite a number of tyres of the 2008 series in stock, while others had nothing at all. Of course, those teams now were convinced that they were disadvantaged considerably.
About half an hour before the start of the second free practice the race commission announced that, as of now, only 2009 tyres were allowed, and the Goodyear tyre dealer would take unused 2008 tyres back. In the first practice, where Renault pilot Markus Altenstrasser clocked fastest lap time, the trucks were still equipped with different tyres. Right at the beginning of the second practice there was a heavy rain shower, so that in regard to the comparison of the lap times it was of secondary importance which tyres the trucks were fitted with. And so the fastest time the Swiss Buggyra pilot Markus Bösiger gained, was more than 11 seconds slower than the one of the first free practice.
This means we won’t have really a serious comparison before tomorrow’s timed practice. And also tomorrow the new regulations will go into effect for the first time. This means there will be two races of 45 km with a victory ceremony after each race, whereas there is only half the number of points to be gained for the second race.
Finally, at the end of the day there was a PR parade of some of the RaceTrucks along the streets of Assen.