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Truck Grand Prix This And That

Truck Grand Prix This And That Truck Grand Prix This And ThatTruck Grand Prix This And ThatTruck Grand Prix This And That

04. Jul. 2015 - Many of those at the 4th round of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship in Nogaro who’d grumbled about having to slog 1,300 km across France to the Eifel in just three days will have had to acquiesce to the imputation of having made much ado about nothing — after all, they’d all reached the Ring in the best of shape.
In actual fact the entire journey went off relatively problem-free. No traffic jams, no mishaps, but then no margin of safety either should there have been any delays.
Thankfully not one truck had come away from Nogaro with any serious damage, if you except the scratches that one or the other vehicle might have sustained when they were carted off in such haste. On the other hand some teams had decided against racing in Nogaro altogether – not least at the behest of their sponsors – to avoid the risk of not being race-ready for the Truck Grand Prix on the Ring, the climactic event of the season...

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