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Sunday in Most Part 3 - Bernau strikes back

Sunday in Most Part 3 - Bernau strikes back Sunday in Most Part 3 - Bernau strikes backSunday in Most Part 3 - Bernau strikes back

Most - 31. Aug. 2014 - While the pilots in the supporting series had to struggle on a slippery track in streaming rain, the going was relatively easy for the truck contingent in both races in front of a crowd of 50,000 that had turned up despite the miserable weather. The first heavy shower came only at the end of the podium ceremony. Even so, parts of the track afforded almost no traction, and heaps of caution were called for.
Rodrigues was on pole, the first in his long FIA ETRC career. Alongside was Kiss, one of the best starters in truck racing, so nobody really expected the Portuguese Renault pilot to have half a chance...

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