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Draft 2015 calendar

Draft 2015 calendar Draft 2015 calendarDraft 2015 calendar

22. Oct. 2014 - Nothing earthshaking came out of yesterday’s sitting of the FIA Truck Racing Commission. At the moment it looks like the 2015 season will by and large mirror the one that’s just concluded. The new technical regulations have been common knowledge for some time now, and the teams are already exploring the possibilities the regs afford.
The commission principally concerned itself with the overall framework of the championship. Nothing revolutionary here either — the truck racers will continue to tread the beaten path. The last item on the agenda was the draft calendar to be placed before the World Motor Sport Council (WMSC) on 3 December 2014 in Doha, Qatar...

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European Championship 2014


  1. N. Kiss (401P)
  2. J. Hahn (383P)
  3. A. Albacete (377P)



  1. Truck Sport Lutz Bernau (621P)
  2. Buggyra Int Racing System (576P)
  3. Team Reinert Adventure (533P)

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