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Zolder Preliminary Report

Zolder Preliminary Report Zolder Preliminary ReportZolder Preliminary Report

17. Sep. 2014 - Down the years, one pilot has been the cynosure at the truck races in Zolder: local hero Jean-Pierre Blaise. And so it is at the seventh round of the 2014 FIA European Championship as well. The man from Malmedy, 100 km southeast of Zolder, may not have been a regular feature this season, having had to share one of the Lion MANs with Spaniard Javier Mariezcurrena, but you can’t miss the posters of his yellow No. 20 truck hanging outside houses and on billboards wherever you look in the entire province of Limburg, and especially around the arrondissement of Hasselt. In the races themselves you can expect the usual suspects on the podium, although Blaise has been a regular Top 10 finisher here.
A total of 23 trucks are registered for this round — in addition to the 20 full-season participants the starters will include MAN driver Jérémy Robineau (FRA), Mathew Summerfield (GBR), and Artur Ardavichus (KAZ)...

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