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Le Mans This And That

Le Mans This And That Le Mans This And ThatLe Mans This And ThatLe Mans This And That

06. Nov. 2015 - We’d originally wanted to wrap up our reportage of the 10th and final round of this year’s FIA European Truck Championship in Le Mans with the piece on the FIA prizegiving ceremony. But even truck racing fans are creatures of habit, and among the readers of / a huge number of regular visitors registered their displeasure at the missing “This And That” report.
But there really wasn’t more in the nature of sidelights than we’d already reported. Moreover, there wasn’t a single untoward incident and the season finale went off without a hitch.
The great anticipation had ended a round earlier with Hungarian Norbert Kiss (MAN) retaining his title in Jarama - the only fight that remained was for runner-up.
The two sole aspirants, German MAN pilot Jochen Hahn and Czech Adam Lacko (Buggyra Freightliner), had assured each other, when the almost 40 racers (including the contingent from the French national championship) gathered for what we think could be the largest group photograph in truck racing history, of a fair fight to end the season with...

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