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Saturday in Most - Norbert Kiss and Adam Lacko are victors

Saturday in Most - Norbert Kiss and Adam Lacko are victors

27. August 2023Most - Norbert Kiss and Adam Lacko won Saturday’s races at Most. There was rain over a wide swath of the Autodrom during warm-up this morning, but the skies cleared up as the day progressed.
Kiss, starting from pole, took an easy victory on a dry track. Antonio Albacete and Jochen Hahn classified second and third, ahead of Jamie Anderson, Sascha Lenz, Lukas Hahn, Steffi Halm, Adam Lacko, José Eduardo Rodrigues, and Mark Taylor.
The start sprint of the second race was marked by multiple collisions in midfield. Taylor’s truck was swung around and crashed into the pit wall at top speed. The Britisher was able to leave the scene unhurt and was rushed to the medical centre. While he was pronounced in good shape to race, the damages to his truck make a start Sunday most unlikely.
Following the restart, polesitter Adam Lacko defended from all attacks by Steffi Halm to cross the line ahead of the German and Anderson. Kiss, Albacete, Rodrigues, Lenz, J. Hahn, Steffen Faas, and L. Hahn made up the rest of the Top 10.