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Saturday at the Truck Grand Prix - Norbert Kiss wins Races 2 and 3

Saturday at the Truck Grand Prix - Norbert Kiss wins Races 2 and 3

15. July 2023Nürburgring - The rearrangement of the traditional timetable here at the Nürburgring saw Races 2 and 3 of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship held on Saturday.
Dark clouds had gathered over the circuit overnight, and there were frequent showers through the morning. Race 2 took place on a wet track. Sascha Lenz and Norbert Kiss were out up front in the early laps, the Hungarian presently passing his MAN rival to take victory.
Behind these two there were any number of skirmishes down the order. Steffi Halm eventually took third place, ahead of André Kursim, Antonio Albacete, Steffen Faas, Jamie Anderson, Lukas Hahn, José Eduardo Rodrigues, and Erwin Kleinnagelvoort.
Qualifying for Race 3 saw Kiss and Lenz lock out the front row of the grid. Braking for the first corner Kiss locked up, but Lenz wasn’t able to capitalise quickly enough and had to slot in behind the Hungarian.
The two MAN pilots finished in this order, ahead of Antonio Albacete. The remaining places in the points went to Jochen Hahn, Halm, Lukas Hahn, Kursim, Anderson, Mark Taylor, and Faas.