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Friday at the Nürburgring - Norbert Kiss wins Race 1

Friday at the Nürburgring - Norbert Kiss wins Race 1

15. July 2023Nürburgring - This year the schedule of events at the Truck Grand Prix on the Nürburgring is somewhat different from years past. The first race of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship took place on Friday itself.
Norbert Kiss had narrowly secured pole position from Sascha Lenz, with Jochen Hahn, Jamie Anderson, Antonio Albacete, André Kursim, Lukas Hahn, Steffi Halm, José Eduardo Rodrigues, and Mark Taylor rounding out the top 10 on the grid.
Lenz made a lightning start, going nose-to-nose with Norbi through the first few corners. Braking into the «Kurzanbindung», the home hero was touched by Anderson, dropping him to P8.
Hahn and Albacete took up the pursuit of Kiss, and followed him across the finish line in that order.
Lenz spectacularly fought his way back up to P4, followed by Anderson, Halm, Lukas Hahn, Kursim, Faas, and Hecker.