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Misano Preliminary Report

Misano Preliminary Report

12. October 2021When a truck race enthusiast thinks of Misano, he usually sees in his mind’s eye a scenic circuit on Italy’s Adriatic coast in springtime.
This year the event here was switched from the start of the calendar to the closing. The last time a round of the ETRC was held at Misano World Circuit in autumn was in 2007, and that year we had glorious summer weather. This weekend, as then (if you choose to go by the forecasters’ overwhelming consensus), there’s going to be loads of sunshine to look forward to.
Likely rivalling the sun for radiance this weekend will be Hungarian championship leader Norbert Kiss (MAN), who has a 46-points advantage over German MANler Sascha Lenz and could be crowned thrice-champ after Race 1 on Saturday. With a maximum of 60 points up for grabs, Lenz and even Adam Lacko (Buggyra) do have a mathematical shot at the title.
Lacko is only three points down on Lenz, and who earns the privilege of being runner-up will most likely be decided only in the final race Sunday.
The contest between Antonio Albacete (MAN) and Jochen Hahn (Iveco) for P4 could also go down to the wire.
Whatever the outcome, the Italian fans are guaranteed tonnes of action on the track, and tonnes of attractions off it what with the show trucks and the numerous exhibitors.