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Saturday in Zolder Part 3 - Lacko wins rain-roiled Race 2

Saturday in Zolder Part 3 - Lacko wins rain-roiled Race 2

11. September 2021Zolder - The start of Saturday’s second race was reminiscent of that of the earlier contest almost three hours earlier – the sky clouded over again, only this time there was a significant downpour. In a couple of minutes the track was soaked through, with deep puddles in many places.
The formation lap was delayed by 10 minutes, and it was decided to start under yellow flags. By the time the trucks were freed to race on Lap 3, polesitter Steffi Halm had already gained a few trucklengths over Téo Calvet.
Adam Lacko, who revels in conditions like these, steadily rose up the ranks from P5, and by mid-race had stoutly taken over the lead. The Czech then took off into the gloom, a solitary Steffi trailing him by 4,5 seconds at flag-fall.
Seesaw battles raged further downfield, the truckers trading places at every turn, with lots of shoving and barging. The hardest fight was that between the MAN trio of Jamie Anderson, Sascha Lenz, and Norbert Kiss, who swapped positions several times over the course of the race. At the finish, Norbi’s truck was very much the worse for wear.
René Reinert, Antonio Albacete, and Calvet gave us another superb wrestle-à-trois, the French youngster triumphing to seize P3 and the final podium spot. Kursim, Reinert, Lenz, Albacete, Kiss, Brereton, and Anderson followed within the next seven seconds.
Calvet won the Goodyear Cup race from Brereton und Anderson. Buggyra Racing took the team honours, ahead of „Die Bullen von Iveco“ and Team Titan.