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Saturday in Most Part 1 –Kiss captures pole as weather wreaks chaos

Saturday in Most Part 1 –Kiss captures pole as weather wreaks chaos

28. August 2021Most - The teams woke up to rain this morning, on this first race day of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship in Most. With the ambient at 14°C, it wasn’t just the trucks but also their drivers that could do with a warm-up. Iveco’s German veteran Jochen Hahn registered the fastest lap on the slippery circuit, a 2:18.114 that put him above Czech Adam Lacko (Buggyra Freightliner) and Hungarian Norbert Kiss (MAN) by a whisker.
It kept on drizzling off and on till qualifying, but thanks to the supporting NASCAR series, which had its qualifying session in the intervening hour-and-a-quarter, the racing line had dried out considerably. Kiss made most of the improved grip levels, driving the fastest lap of the weekend, a 2:02.833. Also qualifying for the Super Pole were Lenz, Jochen Hahn, Janiec, Halm, Lacko, Albacete, Kursim, Calvet, and Reinert.
While the Top 10 were yet on their out lap, it began to pour over the far end of the circuit from turns 10 through 15. Several trucks skidded off, and an aquaplaning duo of Jochen Hahn and Anthony Janiec (MAN) collided on the grass. The result: red flags.
The trucks returned to pit lane, and Janiec and Hahn were allowed to have their machines attended to. While the Iveco had only suffered inconsequential damage to its fibreglass fender, the Lion MAN had a badly deformed right rear wheel rim.
The rain let up a quarter of an hour later, and the track was opened for the remaining 6 minutes and 16 seconds of the Super Pole. Not a drop had fallen along the entire length of the pit straight and the paddock, but the other end of the circuit was still under water. Kiss again was the best master of the changeable conditions underfoot, setting a stonking 2:09.692, more than a second quicker than Jochen Hahn, for the first pole of the weekend.
Lenz and Albacete will line up on Row 2 of the grid, ahead of Janiec, Lacko, Halm, Kursim, Reinert, and Calvet.