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Sunday at the Hungaroring Part 2 - No stopping Norbi

Sunday at the Hungaroring Part 2 - No stopping Norbi

18. October 2020After an almost 10-minute delay, the pace truck led the field off on the formation lap of Sunday’s first race at Round 2 of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship on the Hungaroring.
With home hero Kiss on pole, the race appeared to have been decided in advance, considering what a superlative starter the MAN pilot is. But when the lights turned green it was Lacko, starting alongside, who got the snout of his Buggyra ahead, with Hahn and Albacete squeezing in from the rear. The Czech held the advantage into T1, a right-hander, but Kiss on the inside line exited the curve first and, by T2, was clear in the lead – and headed for victory.
Hahn threw himself into the mix as well, and it looked for a few moments as if he too could get the better of Lacko. Those brief moments were also the most exciting in an otherwise unremarkable race.
There were only two other changes of position – German Clemens Hecker (MAN) moved ahead of Aliyyah Koloc into P10 at the start, and on Lap 4 Faas forced his way past MAN pilot Janiec into P6.
Those apart, the final outcome hinged only on the question whether Hahn could still make it past Lacko. For nine long laps the German kept up his attacks, only to be Czechmated at every turn. Hahn’s sole hope was that Lacko be somehow forced into an error, but with the maturity that comes from 20 years in the sport, one isn’t easily perturbed – not even by a six-times champion. Hahn eventually realised this as well, and eased off.
The race thus ended the way it had started – if you don’t consider those two overtakes. Kiss, Lacko, and Hahn stood on the podium. Albacete had to make do with a thankless P4, Halm, Faas, Janiec, Calvet, Recuenco, and Hecker collecting the remaining points.
Faas finished first in the Goodyear Cup classification, ahead of Calvet and Recuenco.