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Saturday at the Hungaroring Part 1 - Lacko picks up pole

Saturday at the Hungaroring Part 1 - Lacko picks up pole

17. October 2020It was freezing cold and raining rather heavily during morning’s warm-up. The lap times were off the wall, the top speeds averaging 15 km/h and more below those recorded last year. The conditions weren’t very different from those that obtained in free practice yesterday, so expectedly it was Czech Adam Lacko (Buggyra Freightliner) who set the pace. Nevertheless, even the undisputed wizard of wet couldn’t go any quicker than 2:37.856.
The rain eased somewhat before qualifying began, but the established pilots saw no need to go it in earnest, seeing as they only had to make it into the top 10, and there are only 11 trucks in the field.
Lacko laid down the fastest lap of the day by some, his 2:36.817 almost a second under his time in the warm-up. Spaniard Antonio Albacete (MAN) was around one second slower. The Czech sought the pit lane early, just as a few drops began to fall. The others stayed at it, but only Iveco pilotess Steffi Halm (GER) was able to better her time.
Tailing Lacko and Albacete into the Super Pole were MAN pilot Anthony Janiec (FRA), German Jochen Hahn (Iveco), MAN pilot Norbert Kiss (HUN), tankpool24 Scania skipper Steffen Faas (GER), Steffi Halm, French teen Teó Calvet (Buggyra Freightliner), and Misters MAN Clemens Hecker (GER) and Luis Recuenco (ESP).
At the start of the Super Pole the rain intensified, as if on cue. Now it was all about getting as far up on the start grid as possible, so there was no question of holding anything back.
Lacko set the quickest first lap, a 2:37.262 that also won him pole position for Race 1. Janiec’s first lap was struck down because of a track limits infringement, but the Frenchman fought back to capture P2, with a lap that was a whole second slower than Lacko’s. A superhuman effort by Hahn put his Iveco into P3 at the last moment.
Albacete, Kiss, Faas, Calvet, Halm, Recuenco, and Hecker took up the remaining positions.