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Friday in Most

Friday in Most

28. August 2020Everything is very different now from what the participants in the FIA European Truck Racing Championship are accustomed to.
Within the paddock the teams must keep to themselves and not visit one another’s tents. Consequently we expect there’ll be far fewer photographs of team activities than we’ve been able to shoot at past events, and if any, then only from in front of the entrances to the tents. So we’ve concentrated on getting you pictures of the trucks on the track, from the (now) curtailed number of permitted locations around the circuit – not Corona-occasioned but because of comprehensive new safety measures and the extremely strong retaining fences at hitherto unprotected stretches, as at many other international racing circuits. These wire-net fences have reinforced holes in them for photographers, albeit not at every convenient location.
That wasn’t too hard to get used to today, when all we had on the programme was free practice – there were free spots all over to shoot from.
Hungarian Norbert Kiss set the pace in both sessions, in superb weather and track conditions. The MAN pilot didn’t quite attain to the times that were recorded at the Autodrom during the tests a couple of months ago. Obviously, none of the others did either.
We’ll only get the real picture of individual drivers’ relative competitiveness in qualifying tomorrow.