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Sunday in Jarama – Jochen Hahn is championship runner-up

Sunday in Jarama – Jochen Hahn is championship runner-up

02. October 2022Jarama - Norbert Kiss and Téo Calvet won the two races at Jarama on Sunday.
In a thrilling finale, Jochen Hahn finally secured his runner-up position in the championship against the challenge of a charging Sascha Lenz.
At the start of the first race of the day there were multiple collisions in the first corner, leaving Hahn’s truck entangled with Lenz’s, the Iveco’s front wheels having mounted the rear of the MAN.
After a recovery that took the better part of an hour, Lenz was able to take the restart, but Hahn’s truck had to be towed into the paddock. Lenz went on to finish the race in P4 behind Kiss, Adam Lacko, and Antonio Albacete.
Hahn had to start the final race from the rear end of the field, putting Lenz at an advantage in the race to runner-up. But the younger German was forced into the gravel during an overtaking attempt and spun out a couple of laps later. Hahn meanwhile sliced his way up the field to finish in P5. The race was won by Téo Calvet ahead of André Kursim and Steffi Halm.