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Kiss is the quickest trucker in Slovakia on Sunday

Kiss is the quickest trucker in Slovakia on Sunday

03. July 2022Slovakia Ring - Norbert Kiss was unstoppable on Sunday, the fastest truck racer by far in the brief history of truck racing on the Slovakia Ring. In torrid temperatures above 37°C the Hungarian won Race 3 by a huge margin, beating Sascha Lenz and Jochen Hahn. Adam Lacko, Jamie Anderson, Steffi Halm, Andre Kursim, Shane Brereton, Steffen Faas, and Téo Calvet also finished in the points.
The final race of the weekend was marked by a collision on the run to the second corner. The fight for the lead saw the truck of Halm get entangled with that of Brereton, resulting in both drifting sideways down the corner and into the gravel taking the Buggyra of Lacko along with them. Steffi was out of the race; Brereton and Lacko took up the chase again from the end of the field.
Kiss won the race ahead of Lenz and Kursim, crowning a successful weekend in which the reigning champ scored 59 points out of a possible 60.
Anderson, Hahn, José Rodrigues, Albacete, Lacko, Faas, and Clemens Hecker rounded out the Top 10.