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Kiss and Anderson win at the Slovakia Ring on Saturday

Kiss and Anderson win at the Slovakia Ring on Saturday

02. July 2022Slovakia Ring - Friday at the Slovakia Ring was like a furnace, the thermometer registering 40°C. It may have cooled a bit today, but the temperature was still some way above 30°.
We had some sizzling action on the track as well. In Race 1, polesitter Norbert Kiss was able to hold out against a faster-starting Sascha Lenz in the first couple of corners to take the lead – and the victory. Jochen Hahn came in third, behind Lenz.
Adam Lacko, Steffi Halm, Andre Kursim, Antonio Albacete, Jamie Anderson, Steffen Faas, and Shane Brereton took the remaining points.
The outcome of Race 2 was particularly sweet for Jamie Anderson, who celebrated his first outright win in the European Truck Racing Championship.
Starting from pole on the partially reversed grid, the Brit took the lead right at the start and kept his cool till the finish, despite an impetuous Kiss turning up the heat on the last two laps.
Albacete finished third, ahead of Hahn, Lenz, Lacko, Halm, Kursim, Jose Rodrigues, and Faas.