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Sunday in Le Mans Part 3 - Kursim quietly wins the final race

Sunday in Le Mans Part 3 - Kursim quietly wins the final race

26. September 2021Le Mans - The track had dried almost completely by the start of the weekend’s concluding race. The sun decided to join the party as the 48,000-plus crowd waited in anticipation – and what an exciting race they were treated to!
Shane Brereton gunned his MAN into the lead at the start, leaving Steffi Halm scrambling in his draft. By the end of the lap she’d been overtaken by compatriot André Kursim, and found herself falling backwards till she was down in P6 at the start of Lap 3.
Adam Lacko, Sascha Lenz, and Norbert Kiss had shot ahead unisono and, for the rest of the race, scrapped relentlessly for the prize of P3 – as much off the track at times as on it. But neither Lacko nor Lenz allowed themselves to be pressured into a mistake, and so the Czech it was who made it onto the podium.
Kursim, having presently passed Brereton, proceeded to put daylight between himself and the Brit, who in turn kept himself a safe distance from the battle behind him.
Jochen Hahn came home in sixth place ahead of teammate Halm, Antonio Albacete, René Reinert, and Steffen Faas in the tankpool24 Scania.
The Goodyear Cup podium was Brereton, Faas, and Anderson. In the team standings, Apollo Tyres Tor Truck Racing prevailed over Löwenpower and Team Titan.