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Sunday in Le Mans Part 1 - Kiss wins super seventh pole out of eight

Sunday in Le Mans Part 1 - Kiss wins super seventh pole out of eight

26. September 2021Le Mans - The truck racers had to be up early Sunday morning for the warm-up, scheduled for shortly after sunrise. Hungarian MAN-in-red Norbert Kiss was quickest at the end of the 15 minutes with 2:17.246 on his sixth and last lap, six-tenths better than Sascha Lenz and a second or more faster than André Kursim, Antonio Albacete, and Steffi Halm.
That the times were more than 10 seconds slower than those in free practice yesterday reflect just how damp the tarmac still was. Not such a bad thing, perhaps, as it presented the teams with good representative conditions in which to test the modifications they’d made overnight in response to the changeable weather we saw yesterday.
The race against the clock started a good 90 minutes later, when Kiss set the top time, 2:07.577, on his first flying lap. He was followed back into pit lane by Hahn, Lacko, Lenz, Halm, and Reinert, while Kursim and Albacete kept going in an effort to improve their times. While the German made the leap to P4, the Spaniard veteran found himself slip to P9, marginally below Brereton. Anderson squeezed into the Top 10 in the dying seconds.
On the first flying lap of Super Pole it was apparent that Kiss wasn’t going to have it all his own way. He did initially clock 2:06.086, but Hahn and Lenz were too close to the leader than he’d be comfortable with, and all three felt duly compelled to go it again. This time, while Norbi nailed it with 2:05.996, Lenz managed to draw up alongside on the front row of the grid, less than three tenths off his peerless marque-mate.
Hahn and Reinert make up an all-Iveco second row, with Albacete, Kursim, Lacko, Halm, Brereton, and Anderson occupying the three rows behind them.